Gemstones are minerals which have unlimited practical and medicinal properties and throughout human history they have been used for healing carried out in different ways.

Each gemstone has a unique rhythm, character, substance and magnetism, and so has different therapeutic properties. Gemstones are said to enhance mental clarity and positive emotions, promoting a brighter outlook and an appreciation for life.

It was only natural for Onlyluche to combine the beauty and the endless list of other qualities of gemstones with our products. Onlyluche is proud to present you with this presentation about the gemstones we use in our products.

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100% Natural Rich Soap – Amethyst

100% Natural Rich Soap – Black Tourmaline

100% Natural Rich Soap – Citrine

100% Natural Rich Soap – Rosequartz

After Shave – Tigers eye

Anti-Aging Silky Serum-Serpentain

Body Oil – Carnelian

Body Oil – Garnet

Body Oil – Rosequartz

Body Oil – Ruby

Eyes and Lips Serum – Garnet

Fresh Mood – Amethyst