The Dead Sea is situated at the lowest point on Earth. The high concentration of minerals extracted from the waters have exhibited exceptional healing qualities, and are used in both Spa treatments and in the famous Dead Sea cosmetics. Its unique location and climate have attracted visitors for thousands of years.  King David found refuge in its hidden caves, King Herod bathed in its healing waters, and Queen Cleopatra of Egyptian fame is known to have frequented its shores.

Today, millions of visitors flock to this unusual site, to receive salt and black mud treatment, for relief from many skin ailments.

Beauty Treat has developed a line of cosmetic products based on the salts and mud of the Dead Sea, allowing you to benefit from the healing properties in the comfort of your home.

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Anti Wrinkles Cream

Body Mud

Dead Sea Bath Salt

Dead Sea Bath Salt – box

DS Eye Contour

Face cleansing Foam

Feet Soul

Lifting Serum

Mineral & Vitamin Nourishing Cream

Mineral Control Hair Shampoo

Mud Mask

Psoriasis & Itching Calming Cream