Wrinkle free syringe

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A cream for filling and smoothing  expression lines and deep wrinkles. The cream is also suitable for treating deep wrinkles by applying a syringe that allows the material to be inserted into the crease.

Biological action: A powerful peptide in combination with soy fiber increases the synthesis of the main constituents of the supporting tissue to smooth and melt wrinkles inside.

Mechanical action: By the Hyalironic acid, which helps to reduce the area of ​​wrinkles and fills the skin with  fluid  between cells. Argelin  for wrinkles. Doniela seaweed for stretching skin tone and licorice root that drain clean blood in blood vessels.

Optical action: a combination of soft fillers to reduce wrinkles for immediate effect of optical filling.

The result: smoothing expression lines and deep wrinkles instantly, giving the facial skin a fresh young look.

A unique anti-aging quick fill cream that is marketed in an innovative ampoule pack with a narrow mouthpiece so that the cream comes in exactly the right amount for a local application that instantly changes the appearance of wrinkles. Both convenient and economical. So it can be applied in small creases, such as around the mouth.

*** The unique Beauty Fill line contains an advanced formula based on a combination of unique and natural biological components, a blend of wheat germ, jojoba, night primrose, avocado, camilla leaves, combined with vitamins A, B, E and F. Collagen Natural from plants, which restores the skin and instantly fills wrinkles, with visible improvement in just 90 seconds! And changes in  the depth of visible wrinkles within a few days.

The innovative cream hardens the skin and penetrates cracks and wrinkles around the lips, eyes, and all the wrinkles of expression and anti-aging. It improves the level of moisture in the skin and helps the process of renewal and freshness of the skin,

Another great advantage of the new filler pen is the convenient and efficient solution that enables the use of the product outside the home and throughout the day. The new product, designed in the form of an ampoule so that it can be used with one hand. It is also marketed in a compact package that is easy to carry in your personal bag, pocket, or purse, so you can make touch-up bags and keep your face young and essential throughout the day.

The product’s target audience is both men and women, whose expression wrinkles bother them. Thus, each one can draw smooth, radiant and youthful skin, immediately and with minimal time

How to use – Open  the cork of the syringe. Open with two fingers the crease and remove a small amount of cream directly on the crease of the wrinkle and apply the cream with two fingers lightly and directly into the wrinkles and patting around the lips, eyes and around and the other wrinkles of the expression, on clean skin lightly patting the cream. Can be applied morning and evening. And soak well. You can apply all over the face if the wrinkles are spread all over the face.

If you want to put on makeup or apply additional cream, wait at least 15 minutes until the Wrinkle FREE is fully absorbed

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