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Wound pressure is the cause of the complication of untreated diabetic wounds as they suffer from deformities in the legs and feet. Due to the deformity, pressure zones are created that do not exist in a healthy foot, and may result in pressure sores. Pressure sores can occur at any age, especially in people confined to bed or wheelchair Or people with spinal cord injury or patients with diabetes, multiple sclerosis, or other muscular dystrophy disease or people with delicate and fragile skin (usually adults and toddlers) or people with a history of pressure sores

BEAUTY TREAT MEDI PRESSURE CRACKING PRESSURE CRACKING Builds new tissue on the pressure sore and helps increase blood flow at the site of application. It is important to apply the cream when about half an hour after applying the pressure sore. It is important to bandage the wound in sterile gauze that allows the skin to breathe. The action should be repeated twice a day. The results can already be seen from the first smear. High concentrations of CANNABIS SATIVA oil and other active oils are the building of new tissue instead of stress.

It is important to place a silicone pad on the pressure wound area as the patient lies down to reduce the pressure and improve healing speed

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