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One of the complications of diabetes is leg ulcers, caused by a combination of several factors, more than 50% of type 2 diabetics in Israel, were diagnosed with diabetic neuropathy during the disease, and therefore at risk of developing a foot wound.

This means that a diabetic can be cut, tread on a sharp bone or get burned and not feel it. Protective sensation (neuropathy), and deformity of the foot structure that can cause stress on the foot and injuries.

Diabetic foot wounds are healing difficulties.

Diabetic wound can also appear in the hands or other parts of the body and is always a difficult wound to heal due to severe blood flow to the arteries and veins and a decrease in immune function, essential facts for wound healing. In addition, a diabetic foot wound can easily become contaminated due to the possibility of bacteria infiltration and the body’s insufficient ability to fight infection.

Infection tends to complicate most diabetic wounds and in extreme cases even causes amputation.

Diabetic wound healing is a complex, and usually long, process involving a multi-systemic holistic approach and local treatment. The wound should be treated as soon as it appears, if they were unable to prevent the wound in the first place.

Rules for maintaining an Diabetic Foot Injured: Comfortable and wide shoe, maintaining foot hygiene, avoiding walking with bare feet, prompt and prompt treatment of any wound.

New Skin Cream NEW SKIN- NEW LIFE heals diabetes wounds and builds new skin by multiple blood flow in the dermis area. The cream is only active ingredients from nature in high percentages. CANNABIS SATIVA  oil base with LICORICH and OBLIPHIHA oil.

The cream should be applied at least 3 times a day in severe cases twice. In deep wounds apply the cream and bandage in gauze

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