The secrets and virtues of camel milk cosmetics

History tells of Cleopatra preserving her beauty by bathing in camel milk. We are now able to repeat history by offering you cosmetics to preserve skin beauty and skin health.

Over thirty years ago, Prof. Reuven Yagil published a book with the first comprehensive description of how camels survive in the harsh desert climate. He then published more information about the composition and use of camel milk as a functional food as well as a comparative, alternative medicine (CAM). Today these data are readily accepted and camel milk is used as CAM all over the world.

Later Prof. Yagil’s group discovered that camel milk could cure atopic dermatitis which led to the production of the first creams for external use. His research found the effective ingredients which may protect and heal the skin. The natural components of camel milk cause regeneration of fresh skin.

Alternative health properties may cure a variety of skin problems, reaching from the scalp to the toes. In some cases, e.g. psoriasis, it is advised to drink the milk as well as using the camel milk-based cosmetics. Our cosmetics have undergone checks with the Ministry of Health after stringent controls.

We are now presenting a variety of cosmoceuticals to offer you an elegant way to be beautiful.